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    Congratulations! Leadingpharm as Top 10 l R & D Companies

    发布时间:[2017-11-17] 来源:


    China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce: China's pharmaceutical industry's most influential list of conference in 2016, and  China (Kunming) Pharmaceutical Industry Development Summit in 2017 were held successfully! Congratulations to Beijing Leadingpharm medical development Co., Ltd. won the title of "Top 10 Chinese Pharmaceutical R & D Companies" in 2016!

    In this forum, Mr. Liu Kun, Vice President of the Company, at the invitation of the meeting, made a keynote speech entitled "Return to the Essence of Drug R & D" on behalf of Leadingpharm. The speech was initiative and profound, which received the unanimous approval and approval of the industry colleagues.

    Chamber of Commerce for pharmacy and medicine in the China National Federation of Industry and Commerce is directly under the Chamber of Commerce, and is a national community Chamber of Commerce. It is China's pharmaceutical industry's top business associations, for its assessment of the influence of the list is China's pharmaceutical industry's most authoritative evaluation.

    President & Executive Director – Wallace Tao

    The new winner of this honor belongs to you, belongs to me, belongs to everyone who is working hard in Leadingpharm!

    We deserve this honor, we can afford this honor, we have to back to work hard to do better and better! Keep this honor! Greater honor!

    Let's work together for Leadingpharm!

    This decade, the initial heart has been unchanged:

    Leadingpharm devotes itself to make Chinese pharmaceutical market synchronizing with the world.

    Thank you, our colleagues; thank you, our partners!

    Let’s look forward!

    President & Executive Director – Wallace Tao

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